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I saw Poe!


This was really cool! Fantastic to see what can be done with Bitsy with a bit of work!

Also, I saw Poe ;)

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Thanks! That's awesome that so many people have liked this game!


I saw Poe too :)

Very interesting game, congrats!

Thank you so much! :D


I saw Poe! Really liked your game, its a great idea. I included it in my Maximum Monster Month! jam video, i hope you don't mind. Good luck!

LOL! Thank you so much for your comment! People like you make me happy and give me more and more motivation to make games! Thanks a lot!

I just need to say one thing: when you played The Raven, you can not see the end of the game... That's sad, because two days ago I updated the game with an end... I'm just saying this. One more time, thanks for the video! I love it!


I saw Poe


these are actually fun to play.